What is iPhone OS 3? - The version 3 of Apple iOS

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iPhone OS 3 is the 3rd major release version of the iPhone OS made by the Apple Inc. The version iPhone OS 3 got released with the iPhone 3GS which was the latest of the product line of Apple at the time under the category of iPhone.

1. What is iPhone OS 3?

iPhone OS 3 is the 3rd major release to the iPhone OS. With the launch of the iPhone 3GS, the Apple Inc, announced about the new operating system to power up the hardware device of Apple. The announcing of the iPhone OS 3 was happened in March 2009 and the first release was made on 17th July 2009.

iPhone OS 3 supported all the devices which were releases and sold by Apple previously and the some features of iPhone OS 3 was not available for previous devices due to hardware un-availability of the previous devices.

VersionBuildBasebandRelease Date
17th July 2009
31st July 2009
3.1 / 3.1.1
9th September 2009
8th October 2009
2nd February 2010
3.2.7B36706.15.003rd April 2010
3.2.17B40506.15.0015th July 2010
3.2.27B50006.15.0011th August 2010

2. Features of iPhone OS 3

Majorly the iPhone OS 3 was focused on the iPod Touch and the iPhone 3GS. Apple released the iPhone OS 3 to ensure the smoother user experience with rich values to the device that can catered by the software side.

2.1 Features of iPhone OS 3.0

The first initial release of the iPhone OS 3 was marked under the version code of 3.0 and the build code of 7A341 and the baseband code of 04.05.04_G, 04.26.08. Though this release is supported for iPhone 1 and the iPod Touch 1st generation, it wasn't able to give out the all features to the iPhone 1 and the iPod Touch 1st generation due to hardware un-availability of the device.

iPhone OS 3.0 was available to the iPod Touch users to upgrade at a cost of $4.95.

  • Capability to access the cut, copy and paste feature.
  • Capability to undo the cut, copy or pasting by shaking the phone.
  • Capability to select multiple photos to copy.
  • Capability to enable turn by turn navigation for Maps.
  • Capability to experience the extended battery performance up to 5% with Lithium-ion polymer battery.
  • Capability to experience increase and enhancements of the A-GPS accuracy by 5% better.
  • Capability to support earth magnetic compass by Compass App.
  • Capability to view the stocks details in landscape mode with full screen chart.
  • Capability to view the news headlines sourced from various internet sources.
  • Capability to login to YouTube with account details.
  • Capability to view videos, manage subscriptions, check the history of YouTube and comment and rate videos.
  • Capability to view the recent call details with the call length and time and etc...
  • Capability to set the phone number of the device's SIM card.
  • Capability to edit the contacts in the device by the recent calls.
  • Capability to trim the videos directly from the camera app.
  • Capability to access the newly refreshed menu UI in Photos.
  • Capability to access delete multiple photos at a single time.
  • Capability to gain video recording via Camera App.
  • Capability to enable autofocus of the camera and to manual focus based on the touch inputs.
  • Capability to access the content in different categories as Photos, Videos and All in the device.
  • Capability to install new apps from the second home page.
  • Capability to experience the changed screenshot browsing method.
  • Capability to view the modified SMS app icon.
  • Capability to view the SMS sending progress bar on the title bar instead covering up the screen fully.
  • Capability to experience SMS message queue when sending SMSs.
  • Capability to select single or multiple messages to forward or delete.
  • Capability to access the SMS entry text box with unlimited lines.
  • Capability to send vCards by MMS.
  • Capability to send photos via MMS from the Messages App.
  • Capability to view or play content received as MMS.
  • Capability to support MobileMe and Find My iPhone option which gives the MobileMe users to remotely locate the device and wide data.
  • Capability to support CalDAV calendar.
  • Capability to support LDAP contacts.
  • Capability to support iCalendar Subscription.
  • Capability to support "Load Remote Image" option for mail which prevents spam.
  • Capability to support iWork '09 attachments.
  • Capability to Mail several photos in the same message.
  • Capability to compose mail in other apps without leaving the current mail app.
  • Capability to store IM account information for contact for AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, ICQ and XMPP.
  • Capability to create invitees on calendar event in Safari.
  • Capability to support better internet standards by scoring 97/100 in the Acid3 test.
  • Capability to render JavaScript, 3 to 16 times faster.
  • Capability to support HTML 5.
  • Capability to support Autofill and anti phishing.
  • Capability to open, open in new page, copy when pressing and holding a link.
  • Capability to view app subscriptions.
  • Capability to close the last page without closing the browser completely and a fresh page loads up after closing the last page.
  • Capability to experience Bluetooth in iPod 2nd generation devices.
  • Capability to support A2DP stereo audio.
  • Capability to command via AVRCP to play, pause, stop for iPod app.
  • Capability to access wireless phone book via PBAP.
  • Capability to create a PAN network to thread networks for share data or to multi player games.
  • Capability to shake and shuffle songs in iPod app.
  • Capability to search through iPod.
  • Capability to scrubbing through tracks by moving the finger down on the screen to choose Hi Speed, Half Speed, Quarter Speed and Fine.
  • Capability to view mode details of the podcasts like time duration in iPod.
  • Capability to play podcasts at fast speed or one time speed of twice the speed in iPod.
  • Capability to rewind by 30 seconds using rewind button in iPod.
  • Capability to email podcasts in iPod.
  • Capability to access the improved language includes Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Indonesian, Malay, Portuguese, Romanian, Thai and more.
  • Capability to access foreign language keyboards.
  • Capability to access push notification APIs for app developers.
  • Capability to access Bluetooth services APIs including A2DP, LDAP, P2P file sharing and Bonjour.
  • Capability to access new Map APIs allowing developers to build it into software.
  • Capability to access APIs to get connectivity via Dock connector to serial I/O ports.
  • Capability to access to 3rd party apps to iPod music library via APIs.
  • Capability to access outbound audio and video streaming via APIs.
  • Capability to access in-app payment APIs for paid apps.
  • Capability to experience spotlight search.
  • Capability to access iTunes version 8.2.
  • Capability to experience iTunes account creation on device and signout from accounts.
  • Capability to edit iTunes account details on device.
  • Capability to purchase movies, TV Shows, audio books and iTunes U content via iTunes over WiFi.
  • Capability to sync Notes.
  • Capability to experience voice memo syncing.
  • Capability to encrypt backups with password protection.
  • Capability to tethering over USB or Bluetooth.
  • Capability to access voice over gesture based screen reader.
  • Capability to zoom in the display up to 5 times.
  • Capability to change white on black in the display.
  • Capability to use mono audio when user's hearing level is low.
  • Capability to auto connect to the WiFi networks and authenticate based on previously built connections.
  • Capability to experience Locate Me accuracy improvements in iPod Touch.
  • Capability to experience the extension of 11 home screens instead of 9 which can store 180 apps in the device.
  • Capability to control the device via voice.
  • Capability to support Nike+.
  • Capability to view total running time and the current lap time in the stop watch and in the clock app.
  • Capability to experience the landscape mode in several apps which includes Messages, Mail, Stocks, Contacts and Notes.
  • Capability to support Right to left.
  • Capability to view battery percentage in numeric value.
  • Capability to experience enhanced security updates (https://support.apple.com/en-asia/HT3639). 

2.2 Features of iPhone OS 3.0.1

The 1st update release to the iPhone OS 3 was released under the version code of 3.0.1 and the build code of 7A400 and two baseband codes which were 04.05.04_G, 04.26.08. The updated carried mostly bug fixes and security enhancements. The update got released on 31st July 2009.

  • Capability to experience the bug fixes to vulnerability.
  • Capability to experience bug fixes to the OS.
  • Capability to experience security enhancements done to the OS (https://support.apple.com/en-asia/HT3754).

2.3 Features of iPhone OS 3.1/3.1.1

The 2nd major update was released for the iPhone OS 3 on 9th September 2009 under the version code of 3.1/ 3.1.1 and under three build codes which was 7C144, 7C145, 7C146 and two baseband codes which were 04.05.04_G, 05,11,07.

The release update was majorly into the iPhone 3GS and iPod 3rd generation. But the iPhone OS 3.1/3.1.1 supports the previous versions of iPhone and iPod with limited features due to hardware unavailability of the previous devices. Update was free for the devices which upgraded to iPhone OS 3.0. iPod users had to pay for $4.95 if they haven't upgraded the OS to iPhone 3.0.

  • Capability to experience improved WiFi for iPhone 3G with Bluetooth turned on.
  • Capability to experience the disappearing or hide the Ask to Join Networks toggle when the WiFi is turned off.
  • Capability to experience faster boot timing.
  • Capability to create a new video file when trimming the video instead of overwriting the original file.
  • Capability to experience Fraud Protection toggle in Safari browser.
  • Capability to access Bulgarian keyboard.
  • Capability to record Voice Memos app if the user plug microphone after starting the app.
  • Capability to access more number options inside Notes.
  • Capability to control the device by voice over Bluetooth.
  • Capability to experience improvements in signal reception.
  • Capability to fast forward and rewind from headphone controllers.
  • Capability to experience improvements in calendar syncing in exchange accounts.
  • Capability to customize home screens in iTunes 9.
  • Capability to experience improvements to OpenGL and Quartz for developers.
  • Capability to access video recording APIs and programs to control the video quality.
  • Capability to access new camera APIs.
  • Capability to view the calendar notifications in pop-up views instead of push notifications.
  • Capability to access connectivity to devices for development purposes wirelessly instead of needing tethering via the dock connector.
  • Capability to save videos received to the device via MMS or Mail.
  • Capability to attach full quality videos to email which captured by camera.
  • Capability to experience anti-phishing in Safari browser.
  • Capability to view the statistics of the data sent and received over tethering under the usage tab settings.
  • Capability to experience new enhancements to core audio in iPhone.
  • Capability to experience fail-over support for HTTP live streaming.
  • Capability to access voice control in iPod Touch 3rd generation devices with 32GB and 64GB devices.
  • Capability to experience accessibility features.
  • Capability to enable and disable accessibility features by triple clicking the home button in the device.
  • Capability to enable practice VoiceOver gestures.
  • Capability to experience the bug fix which caused app icons to display incorrectly.
  • Capability to experience Genius Mixes.
  • Capability to experience Genius recommendations for Apps.
  • Capability to sync videos to albums.
  • Capability to experience the iTunes U content organization.
  • Capability to redeem gift cards in App Store.
  • Capability to check the available credits in the iTunes account.
  • Capability to experience enhanced iTunes support.
  • Capability to copy and paste telephone numbers in dialer app.
  • Capability to experience sponsored links in Maps.
  • Capability to copy contact info directly.
  • Capability to experience other UI bug fixes.
  • Capability to experience security enhancements in the OS (https://support.apple.com/en-asia/HT3860).
  • Capability to experience the fully support of device encryption for exchange accounts.
  • Capability to use the new baseband patches which used to exploit formerly used to unlock iPhone 3G/3GS.
  • Capability view separate usage metering for tethering data.

2.4 Features of iPhone OS 3.1.2

The 3rd release update for iPhone OS 3 was released under the version code of 3.1.2 and the build code of 7D11 and two baseband codes which was 04.05.04_G, 05.11.07. The released got out on 8th October 2009.

  • Capability to experience the attempt to resolve sporadic issue that may caused the iPhone and iPod Touch to not wake from sleep.
  • Capability to experience the resolving of intermittent issue that may interrupt cellular network services until restart.
  • Capability to experience bug fixes to the iPhone OS which caused crashing during video streaming.

2.5 Features of iPhone OS 3.1.3

The 4th release update for iPhone OS 3 was released under the version code of 3.1.3 and the build code of 7E18 and two baseband versions of 04.05.04_G, 05.12.01. This version release was the final release which supports iPhone 1st generation devices and iPod Touch 1st generation devices. The update release got out on 2nd of February 2010.

  • Capability to experience accuracy improvement in battery life in iPhone 3GS devices.
  • Capability to experience resolving of the issue where third party apps would not launch in some instances.
  • Capability to experience the resolving of bugs what may caused the Japanese Kana keyboard to crash.
  • Capability to experience the security bug fixes in Core Audio, ImageIO, Recovery Mode and Webkit.
  • Capability to experience the loss of capability which used in earlier baseband version with the new baseband patches to avoid jailbreak the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS.
  • Capability to experience updates of WebKit to 528.18.
  • Capability to experience new security enhancements to the iPhone OS (https://support.apple.com/en-asia/HT4013).

2.6 Features of iPhone 3.2

The 5th release update of the iPhone OS 3 was released on 3rd of April 2010 focusing only on iPad devices of Apple Inc. The 5th release update was marked under the version code of 3.2 and the build code of 7B367 and the baseband code of 06.15.00. The release version was available for the iPad 1st generation devices.

  • Capability to support landscape home screens.
  • Capability to access and experience new frameworks for recognizing custom gestures and custom keyboards in iPad.
  • Capability to display output to an externally connected display for compatible 3rd party apps.
  • Capability to change home screen backgrounds.
  • Capability to view terrain in Maps.
  • Capability to experience location based services via Apple's own database instead of Google and skyhook wireless.
  • Capability to experience transferring files between a computer and iPad.
  • Capability to use Apple Bluetooth keyboard in iPad.
  • Capability to use in-built dictionary which can be used in iWork, iBooks and other apps in iPad.
  • Capability to hold six icons in the Dock.
  • Capability to create and name playlists in iPod app.
  • Capability to navigate between nine active pages in Safari browser and to view the new Safari Icon.
  • Capability to view the photos locations in photos app.
  • Capability to view 720p HD videos in YouTube App.
  • Capability to share YouTube videos on Facebook.

2.7 Features of iPhone 3.2.1

The 6th release update of the iPhone OS 3 was released under the version code of 3.2.1 and after the launch of iOS 4. The iPhone 3.2.1 version got released under the build code of 7B405 and the baseband code of 06.15.00. The release got available to the users on 15th July 2010.

  • Capability to experience better WiFi connection.
  • Capability to experience bug fixes in Mail to not to crash when copying and paste from one page PDF document.
  • Capability experience smoother video playback with no freeze while playing.
  • Capability to experience better reliability when using VGA on iPad Dock Adapter.
  • Capability to add Bing search engine to Safari.
  • Capability to access WebKit version 531.21.10.

2.8 Features of iPhone 3.2.2

The 7th release update of the iPhone OS 3 also released after the launch of iOS 4 and after release version 3.2.1 under version code of 3.2.2. The version 3.2.2 was released under the build code of 7B500 and baseband code of 06.15.00. The version 3.2.2 was released on 11th August 2010.

  • Capability to experience the patches applied to PDF exploit which allowed jailbreaking through Safari.
  • Capability to experience enhanced security in the OS (https://support.apple.com/en-asia/HT202091).