What is Indiegogo? - Oldest Crowdfunding Platform


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Indiegogo is the world's oldest crowd funding platform which enabled the projects to listed and raise capital in pre-order mechanism.

What is Indiegogo?

Indiegogo is a crowd funding platform, the platform which brought the crowd funding concept to the world and enabled the individuals and businesses to raise capital upon pre-sales strategies like pre-ordering products.

Indiegogo is a solution which invented by the co-founders of the company after facing to a real life problem where they were not able to raise funds for their film project. Since the idea itself is originated from a real life problem, the platform is fully designed to met the true requirements of the users and target market.


Indiegogo is founded by Danae Ringelmann, Slava Rubin and Eric Schell in January 2008. The idea of forming a crowd funding platform is came to their mind by struggling to raise fund for their projects where they want to reach out to people.

Indiegogo serves globally for projects which are based in products and solutions where the general public from any country can back a project and list a project in Indiegogo.

Who Uses Indiegogo?

Indiegogo is used by wide range of market segmentation in the world. The core functionality of the Indiegogo is to raise funds for a project. There are large number of individuals which exists in the world who does have ideas for amazing solutions or for products, but don't have enough cash to launch the product or to manufacture the product.

Indiegogo is used by the world's most popular startups which are focused on developing amazing user friendly products to the end consumers. Individuals to the established companies are using Indiegogo to pre-launch the product and raise cash and maintain a good cash flow even before the product is actually mass manufactured.