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Garmin is an electronic manufacture which serves multiple regions and multiple business sectors in the world currently.


The starting of Garmin happened in 1983. Gary Burrell is the key person in the start of the organization and Gary Burrell recruited Min H. Kao from the defense contractor named Magnavox.

In 1989 Garry and Min founded Garmin. In the start of the business it was named as ProNav. The first product of the ProNav was a GPS device which sold at a price tag of $2,500. Later the company got their current name as Garmin by taking couple of words from the two co-founders.

After developing the product, United States Army was the Garmin's first customer to purchase the GPS units in 1991.

Garmin went public by offering shares to the public in 8th of December 2000 on NASDAQ stock exchange. Along the way Garmin made multiple acquisitions UPS Aviation Technologies Inc, Dynastream Innovations and etc...


Garmin's product line is solely focused on electronic products and devices which suites for the consumers as well as the industrial grades.
  • Garmin GPS Watches
  • Garmin Dash Cameras
  • Garmin Car Navigation Devices
  • Garmin Motorcycle Navigation Devices
  • Garmin Truck Navigation Devices
  • Garmin Fleet Management Devices
  • Garmin Fitness Tracking Devices
  • Garmin GPS Device for Bikes
  • Garmin Underwater Action Camera
  • Garmin Water Resistant Bluetooth Speakers
  • Garmin Laser Range Finder for Golf
  • Garmin Golf Trackers
  • Garmin Baseball Impact Calculator
  • Garmin GPS Pet Tracker
  • Garmin Fish Finders
  • Garmin Aviation Radars
  • Garmin Flight control solutions
  • Garmin 360 Cameras
  • Garmin Action Cameras
  • Garmin Backup Cameras