What is Fujifilm? - Japanese Camera Brand

Fujifilm Logo

Fujifilm Logo

Fujifilm is an camera and imaging brand which does have a long history based in Japan.


Fujifilm is founded in 20th January 1934 in Japan. By the time, when the Fujifilm was founded, Fujifilm was the only Japanese manufacture of photographic films which were used in the old type cameras and the SLR cameras.

Fujifilm expanded the business in the imaging industry from Photo films to motion picture films and x-ray films within 10 years of time from the beginning of the company.


Fujifilm products includes wide range of imaging product line and wide range of photo printing product line.
  • Fujifilm SLR Camera
  • Fujifilm Point and Shot Camera
  • Fujifilm Instant Camera
  • Fujifilm DSLR Camera
  • Fujifilm Printers
  • Fujifilm Photo papers
  • Fujifilm Photo Printers
  • Fujifilm Camera Lenses
  • Fujifilm X-Ray Machines