What is Energizer? - American Battery Manufacture


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Energizer is an American company which does manufacture.


Energizer is formed by Eveready Battery Company. Eveready Battery Company was sold to animal and human food manufacture named Ralston Purina and Ralston Purina changed the company name from Eveready Battery Company to Energizer Holdings Inc in 2000.

Energizer's primary focus is on battery manufacturing and there are couple of products that Energizer manufactured for the market like Smart Phones and Etc...

Energizer is headquartered in Missouri, United States of America. Energizer Holdings is publicly traded on New York Stock Exchange under ENR stock code.


Products range of Energizer is majorly focused on the battery business and there are few other consumer products that Energizer manufacture and develop.
  • Energizer Battery
  • Energizer Flash Lights
  • Energizer Razors
  • Energizer Mobile Phones
  • Energizer Battery Chargers