What is Casio? - Japanese Electronic Manufacture

Casio Logo
Casio Logo

Casio is Japanese brand focused on developing digital and electronic products for consumers and small medium and large enterprises.


Casio is founded by Tadao Kashio who is an engineer specialized in fabrication technology in April 1946. Casio's initial name was Kashio Seisakujo and the initial product of the company was a finger ring hold a cigarette.

Casio invested the profits of the company which gained by selling the finger ring to cigarette holder to research about Calculators and start manufacturing calculators after seeing the calculators in a exhibition in Tokyo. Afterward the organization kept developing products which are electronic and digital.

Casio is currently headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan and the Casio is traded publicly on Tokyo Stock Exchange under the code of 6952.


Products of Casio is solely into the electronic and digital products
  • Casio Scientific Calculators
  • Casio Basic Calculators
  • Casio Cash Registers
  • Casio Digital Cameras
  • Casio Laptops
  • Casio Mobile Phones
  • Casio Electronic Keyboards
  • Casio Electronic Dictionaries
  • Casio Electronic Games
  • Casio Computer Printers
  • Casio Clocks
  • Casio Watches
  • Casio Music Keyboards
  • Casio Projectors
  • Casio Handheld Terminals