What is Blackmagic Design? - Professional Cinema Camera Manufacture


Blackmagic Design Logo

Black Magic is a professional video recording camera manufacture.


Blackmagic is founded by Grant Petty in 2001. Blackmagic design is based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The company manufactures the end to end products which require for professional production and professional recording requirements of the industry.

The recording cameras does have the highest specifications available in the market. Blackmagic Design is a privately held company and the organization serves globally by having physical presence in 8 offices around the world.


Product range of Blackmagic Design is solely focused on professional video recording and production level.
  • Blackmagic Video Cameras
  • Blackmagic Pocket size Cameras
  • Blackmagic Portable Cameras
  • Blackmagic video and audio mixtures
  • Blackmagic Production Accessories
  • Blackmagic Video Editing Software