Buying a Tesla Might Economical For You - 5 Reasons to Own a Tesla

5 Reasons to Own a TESLA

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Tesla, the futuristic automobile company which is founded by a South African Entrepreneur Elon Musk manufactures the zero emission electric vehicles.

From the very beginning the team in Tesla has poured a large amount of effort to make the idea to alive. Assembling the technology into a lotus's roadster, Tesla started proving about the concept in large scale by making a good amount of sales. 

Tesla isn't the very first company that initiated a fully electric car project and they are not the very first company who actually sold a fully electrified car to the general public. But there are couple of factors that we think, buying a Tesla will be an economical idea for you. 

1. NO fuel cost

Tesla needs absolutely zero fossil fuel. With the capability of charging the car by using electricity which can be generated by using solar energy or other renewable energy source makes the Tesla's all models to drive without fuel cost. 

Apart from the no fuel cost, Tesla actually provided wide range of charging station throughout USA and in some other countries, where you can charge your car for free without any cost to charge your Tesla

Where ever you go, there could be a Tesla charging station that you can park your vehicle and charge the car with the least amount of time possible. 

2. Less maintenance cost

Tesla is a fully electric vehicle and it goes not have a engine which is complex and which needs much attention like changing engine oil, transmission oil, changing gaskets, cleaning plugs and almost everything that you can think of in your regular car. 

Since the Tesla does have the components that can last for years and high mileage, and since Tesla vehicles don't have many components as that does have inside a gasoline or inside a diesel car which could worn out with time the maintaining a Tesla is low cost task. 

3. Good mileage 

Truth about the fully electrified vehicles is that the gasoline vehicles does have much higher mileage and fast refueling capability. 

Comparing with the behavior of other electrified vehicles with a Tesla means, good mileage with higher and efficient battery packs which are manufactured in-house in the Tesla and Panasonic partnered giga factory. 

Owners can use fast charging capability to charge up the battery using direct current or DC, faster and much efficient. Most of the fully electrified vehicles do not have cell to cell cooling which prevents the over heating batteries when fast charging, but Tesla does have a great cooling functionality with one to one cell cooling to minimize the over heating damages that can happen to the battery cells and circuit of the car. 

4. Technology to safeguard

Without a doubt Tesla is much far from comparing with other electrified car manufactures. The more researches which took place, the adoption of technologies what saw in the hakathons and faster analytical engine of Tesla has made the electrified manufactured by Tesla more safer than ever. 

There were couple of cases which grabbed the public attention of accidents caused by Tesla's, but the true problem was with the drivers who driven the vehicle. 

5. Experienced product

Tesla born from a enthusiastic team which proven the concept of fully electrified cars by embedding the electrification components to an almost fully gasoline powered chassis by lotus and sold them before they were manufactured. 

Tesla proved the concept and the capability of making it possible with the requirements from consumers. The larger space, great mileage, durability, safety proven, Tesla products are reliable and futuristic which are available currently in the market. Unlike most of the fully electric drive vehicles which are available in the market, Tesla do have active active liquid cooling capability which can keep the battery under normal temperature without making it hot where the efficiency of the batteries gets lower.