What is Western Digital? - The Most Famous Storage Device Manufacture in the World

Western Digital Logo

Western Digital Logo

Western Digital is the world's famous storage device manufacture in the world. Western Digital's products range and is solely in purpose for building great storage devices which are durable and affordable for the consumers.


Western Digital is a storage device manufacture which started operations in 1970 April 23rd. Western Digital headquartered in San Jose, California, United. Company went public by an IPO on NASDAQ stock exchange and trading under the code of WDC.

Western Digital has acquire many storage device manufacturing companies like Hitachi's storage device department, Sandisk and many other companies which were in the industry of manufacturing storage devices for consumer electronics.


Products which are manufactured by the WD or the Western Digital is only focused for the data storage devices for different types of consumer electronics. In majority the western digital is focused on developing products which suites the computer storage solutions.
  • Western Digital Desktop HDD
  • Western Digital Laptop HDD
  • Western Digital Server HDD
  • Western Digital SSD
  • Western Digital RAID HDD
  • Western Digital Portable HDD