What is Sandisk? - The Most Popular Memory Card Manufacture in the World

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Memory cards are used in almost all the devices which like cellular phones, cameras and other type of electronic devices.


Sandisk is founded in 1988 by Eli Harari, Sanjay Mehrotra and Jack Yuan. The very first name which Sandisk had was "SunDisk". Sandisk is headquartered in Milpitas, California, United States of America.

The organization "Sandisk" worked with the giants in the tech industry like Toshiba and later the organization is acquired by Western Digital.


Sandisk's product lineup is consist of storage type products which are like flash type storage devices for consumer electronics products.
  • Sandisk Memory Cards
  • Sandisk USB Flash Drives
  • Sandisk DRAM
  • Sandisk Portable Media Players
  • Sandisk Solid State Drives (SSD)