What is MSI? - Computer Hardware Manufacture Based in Taiwan

MSI Logo

MSI Logo

MSI is a computer hardware manufacture among many other tech hardware manufacturing companies based in Taipei, Taiwan.


MSI is a name which shortened for the long company name, Micro Star International Co., Ltd. MSI is founded by Hsu Xiang also known as Joseph Hsu, Huang Jinqing also known as Jeans Huang, Lin Wentong also known as Frank Lin, Yu Xian'neng also known as Kenny Yu and Lu Qilong also known as Henry Lu in August 1986.

MSI operates as a multi-national organization in American, Europe, Asian, Australian and South African regions with the presence of 120 countries globally. MSI is a publicly traded company which is listed in Taipei Stock Exchange under the code of 2377.


MSI's product lineup carrying a wide range of products that they manufacture in-house.
  • MSI Laptops Computers
  • MSI Desktop Computers
  • MSI Gaming Computers
  • MSI All in one PCs
  • MSI Server Computers
  • MSI Industrial Computers
  • MSI Motherboards
  • MSI Computer Cases
  • MSI Keyboards
  • MSI Mouse
  • MSI Power supplies