What is Micromax? - Indian Consumer Electronics Manufacture

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Micromax is a consumer electronic manufacture based in India. As an organization, Micromax does hold a huge value proposition in the market share, where it's possible to purchase the affordable mobile device at the lowest possible cost.


Micromax is founded in 19th March 2000 by Rahul Sharma, Sumeet Arora, Veeresh Moksha Rajesh Agarwal and Vikas Jain. The organization is headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, India.

Though the company is founded in 2000, Micromax started selling mobile phones or cellular phones only by 2008 with the strategy of affordable low priced phones to compete with the international brands which were popular by the time in India.

The best feature of the Micromax cellular devices were the battery was large and the cellular device was consist with low energy utilizing processing logic board to extend the battery life of the device.


Micromax does have little bit of wide product range focused on the consumer electronics. The primary focus is on cellular and hand held devices and the organization is focusing on some other products.
  • Micromax Feature Phones
  • Micromax Smart Phones
  • Micromax Tablet PCs
  • Micromax Air Conditioners
  • Micromax LED TVs
  • Micromax Laptops
  • Micromax Power Banks
  • Micromax Sound Bars