What is Lenovo? - Fascinating Hardware Manufacture with High Durability

Lenovo is one of the oldest tech companies which focused on developing durable hardware products for rugged usage and with high performance.


Lenovo is originally a Chinese tech company founded in 1984, November 1st by Liu Chuanzhi in Beijing, China with stated capital of 200,000 Chinese Yuan. Lenovo first tried to import televisions to China and after failing the attempt, the company focused on manufacturing the computers for personal use with better durability and better performance and most certainly with Chinese characters for IBM computers.

Lenovo went public after the IPO in Hong Kong Stock exchange and Lenovo was acquired by IBM's personal computer business in 2005.


Lenovo's products includes wide range of personal and enterprise products.
  • Lenovo Laptop Computers
  • Lenovo Desktop Computers
  • Lenovo Smart Phones
  • Lenovo Server Computers
  • Lenovo Keyboards,
  • Lenovo Mouse
  • Lenovo Displays