What is Leica? - The Famous German Camera Brand

Leica Logo

Leica Logo

Leica, the name says it for people who are in love with the brand. Leica is a camera company in German.


Leica is founded in 1914 by Ernst Leitz. Leica is an company which went through a huge geo-political manipulation by being operated in world war 2. The initial name of the company was Leitz, which was the founder's surname and later it got transferred as Leica. Currently Leica is headquartered in Wetzlar, Germany.


Product line of Leica is primarily focused on imaging products and image capturing products.
  • Leica SLR Cameras
  • Leica DSLR Cameras
  • Leica Binoculars
  • Leica Camera Lenses
  • Leica Rifle Scopes
  • Leica Compact Cameras