What is IBM? - One of the Oldest Tech Company Which Exists Today

IBM Logo

IBM is the world's oldest computer manufacture company in the world. IBM has held the world's largest market share for the computing appliances and for computers in the history.


The IBM is founded in 1911, June 16th by Charles Ranlett Flint. IBM is extremely popular in the back of time for many cases which includes the very first commercially computer built computer and the computer processors.

From the very first commercially built computer, IBM has developed many computer models that can be used for the personal applications to high end super computer applications too. IBM was on huge hype in the early age and when there were not much competitors in the market.

With the time IBM lost the market share and majorly focusing on cloud computing and cognitive computing. Just like the Amazon's AWS, IBM also launched the cloud computing platform to cater the growing demand in the cloud computing.

Throughout the journey of IBM, IBM acquired multiple companies who were in the technology business for large amount of cash and Lenovo is a company that has been acquired by IBM.


IBM's products were targeted on two major business clusters, which were retail and wholesale industries targeting the personals and the enterprises.
  • IBM Desktop Computers
  • IBM Servers
  • IBM Laptop Computers
  • IBM Cloud Computing Platform
  • IBM Super Computer Platform