What is HP? - Leading Tech Hardware Manufacture in the World

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HP, also known as Hewlett Packard is a company into the tech hardware industry. The organization itself carrying a large amount of public interest on the products that they manufacture due to the quality and diversification of the product line of the organization.


HP or Hewlett Packard is founded in 1st of January 1939 by Bill Hewlett and David Packard. The company was doing the operations in a garage in Palo Alto at the initial stage of the company with a initial capital amount of 538 USD. Before the computer hardware, HP's primary focus was on Audio Oscillator which carried the model code of HP200A. After succession the company went public on 1957 November 6th.


HP's product line is wide and broader compared with other manufactures in the world. They are into the tech hardware and manufacturing products under the brand name of HP or Hawlett Packard.
  • HP Monitors
  • HP Laptops
  • HP Tablet PCs
  • HP Smart Phones
  • HP Palm Tops
  • HP Keyboards
  • HP Mouse
  • HP Web Cameras
  • HP Printers
  • HP Servers
  • HP Desktop Computers
  • HP Optical Drive Readers