What is Gigabyte? - Tech Manufacture Based in Taiwan

Gigabyte Logo

Gigabyte Logo

Gigabyte is a consumer electronic hardware device manufacture based in Taiwan. Gigabyte's product line is focused on computer peripherals and consumer products.


Gigabyte is formally a tech company which is focused on developing consumer electronic hardware devices founded by Pei-Chen Yeh in 1986. The registered name of Gigabyte is Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. Gigabyte is traded on Taiwan Stock Exchange under the code of 2376.


Gigabyte's product line is wide and does have the capability to cater the almost all the computer peripherals includes platform type devices.
  • Gigabyte Motherboards
  • Gigabyte Graphic Cards
  • Gigabyte Laptop Computers
  • Gigabyte Desktop Computers
  • Gigabyte Tablet Computers
  • Gigabyte Power Supplies
  • Gigabyte Ultrabook computers
  • Gigabyte Server Motherboards
  • Gigabyte Computer Cases
  • Gigabyte Monitors
  • Gigabyte Keyboards
  • Gigabyte Mouse
  • Gigabyte Cooling Units