What is Dell? - Famous Computer Manufacture Based in USA

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Dell Logo

Dell is a globally famous consumer and enterprise level electronic product manufacture who has success been in the business for a long time in the tech industry.


Dell is founded by Michael Dell in 1st of February 1984. In the initial stage of the company, Dell was recognized as the PC's Limited. As an organization Dell was purely an startup at that time which was operating at Dorm Room in University of Texas at Austin.

Dell's very product line is solely focused into the most famous consumer computer manufacture IBM. Dell manufactured products which could be compatible with IBM computers and technologies from the ground level by putting together the components. Dell's very first computer was named as Turbo PC, which sold at a price of 795USD.

Dell has acquired Alienware, Equallogic and many hardware and software development firms.


Dell's product line is focused on the consumer electronics and as well as enterprise level computing requirements as well.
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