What is BlackBerry? - A Cellular Phone Manufacture With High Security

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BlackBerry, the old fashioned and uniquely designed smart phone developed by BlackBerry for professionals and who wanted extra security like features to secure the data.


Blackberry is a Canadian company at the start of the operations and the founder of Blackberry is Mike Lazaridis. Blackberry announced of their first device, Inter@ctive Pager 900 on 18th September 1996.

BlackBerry was used by many professionals because of the features like web browsing, online faxing, Blackberry messenger email forwarding to text like features. These features were driving the brand to the next level among the professionals who needed the extra mile at the time with technology.

From then, Blackberry has developed many devices based on their own operating system which was BlackBerry OS. And after all, Blackberry moved to android based operating system to develop and bring more features and to regain the market share which lost.


Handheld devices are the BlackBerry's primary objective and the target audience is professionals in majority who wanted have cool features before the smart phone like devices took over the market share in the cellular device industry.
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