What is ASUS? - One of the Best Diversified Tech Company


ASUS is known as AsusTek Computer Inc and it's a company based in Taiwan and have become multinational company.


ASUS's primary objective is on the computation products and computer hardware manufacturing. The company ASUS is founded by T.H. Tung, Ted Hsu, Wayne Hsieh and M.T. Liao in Taipei in 1989. Before starting the ASUS, all four co-founders has been worked for Acer as hardware engineers.

ASUS firstly waited for Intel's microprocessors and chipset from IBM to develop and test and build workable motherboard. Due to the longer process ASUS team wasn't happy and tried to talked to the largest chip manufacture, Intel directly to get the prototypes. But the Intel already had a technical problem of their own motherboard which allows others to develop products by making the base model as such. The team ASUS solved the issue and won the interest from Intel to receive Intel chip's prototype to before their competitors.


ASUS is a hardware manufacturing company from the beginning of it's origin. Using highly innovative technologies, ASUS built products that could perform better for the consumers.
  • ASUS Motherboard/ Mainboard
  • ASUS Servers
  • ASUS Graphic Cards
  • ASUS Laptops
  • ASUS Network Routers
  • ASUS Network Access Points
  • ASUS Desktop Computers
  • ASUS Keyboards
  • ASUS Mouse
  • ASUS Monitors
  • ASUS Optical Disc Readers
  • ASUS Smart Phones