What is Xiaomi? - Innovative Up Coming Chinese Tech Manufacture

Xiaomi Logo

Xiaomi, the brand that got popular and captured the market with a rapid and aggressive manner for the last decade in the consumer electronics.


Xiaomi does have great background backed with the technology and strategy into the market share capturing. The strategies and the business strengths came to Xiaomi with the co-founders of the organization. All the co founders had solid background in the technical aspects and was in the leading positions of large tech companies in the world.

Xiaomi was founded by Lei Jun with Lin Bin, Dr Zhou Guangping, Liu De, Li Wanqiang, Wong Kong-Kat and Hong Feng.


Xiaomi's product range is wide and the products are targeted on specific markets. Xiaomi's focus is on high spec and low production devices at the initial stage.
  • Xiaomi Smart Phones
  • Xiaomi Tablets
  • Xiaomi Laptops
  • Xiaomi Headsets
  • Xiaomi Air Purifiers
  • Xiaomi car dash camera
Xiaomi is majorly focused on Asia Pacific with the countries included India, China and many other countries in the Asian regions.