What is Samsung? - The Largest Diversified Tech Company in the World

Samsung Logo

Samsung, one of another tech giant who is manufacturing wide range of products for consumers and for other businesses. Starting from the washing machines to cameras to smart phones, Samsung does manufacture in house.


History of Samsung goes to 1938 when Lee Byung Chul founded the Samsung as a trading company. Samsung held a market share on textiles, insurance, securities and retail from the beginning of the company as a trading company. Later after the founder's death, Samsung focused on making electronic products for B2B and B2C. Samsung is traded on stock exchange in South Korea.


Many products which were sold by the company has been discontinued and Samsung is solely focused on developing electronic products for B2B and B2C currently. The B2C market is does have wide range from products starting from house hold products to consumer electronics.
  • Samsung TV
  • Samsung Washing Machine
  • Samsung Monitors
  • Samsung Laptops
  • Samsung Desktops
  • Samsung Mobile Phone devices
  • Samsung Tablet PCs
  • Samsung DVD player
  • Samsung Image Sensors
  • Samsung Processors
  • Samsung Cameras
  • Samsung Image Lenses
  • Samsung SSD
  • Samsung Batteries
By the products which are mentioned above Samsung has captured a huge market share in the market. Samsung does provide chip manufacturing for popular companies like Apple.