What is OnePlus? - The Ultimate Flagship Device Manufacture

OnePlus Logo

OnePlus, the flagship smart phone device manufacture based on Android Operating system. The OnePlus brand got popular with the high specification smart phone which they brought to the market.

Apart from the high specification of the device that the company took into the market, this manufacture made a demand inside the target market audience to create a vacuum where it requires an invitation to purchase a OnePlus device. Which is considered as the most success market invade by a smart phone manufacture has ever done.


The OnePlus is a Shenzhen based manufacture which is based in China founded in 16th of December 2013 by two founders named Pete Lau and Carl Pei.

Co-founder and CEO of OnePlus, Pete Lau is a former vice president of Oppo, which is another smart phone manufacture based in China. OnePlus firstly approached the India for the device OnePlus One via Amazon. Currently OnePlus serves 34 countries in total which includes China and USA.


There are couple of flagship devices manufactured by the OnePlus and there are set of accessories which brought to the market by the OnePlus as well.

Product TypeProduct NameCode NameLaunched Date
Smart Phone
OnePlus Onebacon23rd April 2014
OnePlus Twooneplus227th July 2015
OnePlus Xonyx29th October 2015
OnePlus 3oneplus314th June 2016
OnePlus 3Toneplus3t15th November 2016
OnePlus 5cheeseburger20th June 2017
OnePlus 5Tdumpling16th November 2017
OnePlus 6enchilada16th May 2018
HeadsetOnePlus Bullets WirelessN/A16th May 2018