What is Nokia? - The Oldest Cellular Device Manufacture in the World

Nokia Logo

Nokia, a Finland headquartered mobile phone manufacture and mobile signal transmission manufacture claimed as one of the most famous and the one of the oldest mobile device manufacturing companies in the world to date.


Nokia was founded in 1865 by Fredrik Idestam. By the time when Nokia was founded, it was not really a technological company. Initially Nokia was a pulp mill which manufactures paper products which included the toilet papers in the product line of the company.

By the time Nokia made the business diversified and entered into the different industries by absorbing and entering into partnerships with the existing businesses at the time.


Nokia's technological products are runs to wide range which includes the mobile phones or cellular devices, cellular networking and cellular signal broadcasting devices, security and infrastructure components.

After the product lineup with buttons, Nokia introduced capacitive touch display devices with the keyboard which allows users to type faster and experience a smoother user journey. Throughout the journey Nokia has owned the most strongest and the secured operating system which was Symbian operating system at the time which only ran on Nokia's cellular devices.

Nokia's cellular device manufacturing has been sold to Microsoft lately and there were multiple devices which got released with the Microsoft Mobile Operating System.