What is Microsoft? - One of the Oldest Tech Companies in the World

Microsoft Logo

Microsoft is a tech company which is based in Washington USA. Microsoft does have wide range products which are propitiatory for the Microsoft and the users are required to pay to use the products.


Microsoft was founded by Paul Allen and Bill Gates which is famous and a billionaire and who also have founded multiple charity organizations. Microsoft was founded in 4th April 1975 in New Mexico USA.

The company went public after an IPO took place in 4th of April 1975. Throughout the journey of Microsoft, they have invested and acquired companies like Skype, LinkedIn and part of the cellular phone manufacture Nokia


Microsoft is popular as a tech company, but the company itself is more popular for the windows operating systems which is developed by the company itself.
  • Microsoft Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Surface
  • Microsoft Lumia Phones
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Microsoft XBox
  • Microsoft Store
  • Bing