What is LG? - One of the Diversified Tech Manufacture in the World

LG Logo

LG, one of the company who is into the diversified business in South Korea. Formally LG is recognized as Lucky Goldstar.


The LG or formally known Lucky Goldstar founded in 5th January 1947. The LG Corporation is founded by Koo In-Hwoi. At the initial stage of the company, LG was named as Rak-Hui Chemical Industrial Corp and the business sector which was involved was the plastic industry. LG claimed as the first company which entered to plastic industry in South Korea.


With the time and going with multiple global economic wave, LG has formed a group of companies in the LG group which presence their availability on wide range of industry specifications and markets in different sectors.
  • LG Washing machine
  • LG TV
  • LG Laptop
  • LG Smart Phones
  • LG computers
  • LG Air Conditioners
  • LG monitors
And other wide range of products and wide range of market share in the global markets.