What is Google? One of the Most Powerful Tech Companies in the World

Google Logo

Google is one of the most famous tech companies in the world. Each and every human who uses at least a smart phone, he or she could be using a service which owns by Google. Google does has wide range of products and market share like that extend.


Google starts as a project which ran on university computer lab by two students of the university or the collage. The initial product of the google was a search engine where it allows the users to enter a keyword or few keywords and search for the content which is related for the keyword.

By crashing the collage computer lab with the heavy traffic and processing load, the google needed to be in production servers in larger scale due to the demand for the service. From the search engine which allows the users to search the facts and info in the internet, the google has came a long way by with multiple products and absorbed lot of tech companies throughout the journey of the company.

Google changed how people search about things and how people store their data from their smart phone to laptop computer that use by different and wide range of products which were brought to the market.


Though the google was an search engine at the very start, google grew the market share in different products and on different markets. The google's strategy is to acquire products which are developed by the startups and other tech companies.
  • GMail
  • Blogger
  • Hangouts
  • GTalk
  • Adsense 
  • Google Ads
  • Google Drive
  • GSuite
  • Google Pay
  • Android
  • PlayStore
  • Google Cloud
  • YouTube
Above mentioned are few products which are acquired or developed by the google itself and the products are performing great for the consumers and enterprises and stakeholders in the value chain of the business of Google.