What is Apple? - One of the Oldest Hardware Manufacturing Companies in the World

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Apple, one of the most advanced tech and hardware manufacturing company in the world which is based and headquartered in USA. Apple started the business by developing computers products where it's easy for the consumers to use and maintain. Rather comparing with the competitor products which were available in the market at the time, the apple's products were user friendly and they were easy to use. Apple were the one of the first computer manufacture in the world to offer a graphical user interface in an operating system where it enable the capability to the users to operate the computer without advanced command lines.


Apple was founded by three co-founders where their names are Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. The very first office and manufacturing location for the products that was manufactured by the apple was at Steve Jobs's garage located in Los Altos, California USA.

From it's initiative, the apple has come a long way by developing lot of products which are innovative and user friendly than the competitors of Apple. The famous visionary of the company, Steve Jobs got passed away by pancreatic cancer and organization is driven by the Tim Took who is the current CEO of the organization.

By the organization itself the Apple got multiple companies which got absorbed to the apple like beats and etc...


Through out the Apple's journey, they have introduced wide range of Hardware devices, Consumer Products and Software products. Starting from Computers, Laptops, smart phones and many consumer electronic appliances apple has developed world class products like itunes where the producers can list albums and content apple users to purchase.
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Apple is more concerned about how user's privacy and how users experience their computing device much more interactive manner.