What is Android Nougat? - The version 7.0 of Android

Android Nougat - Version 7.0 of Android

Android Nougat, the version 7.0 of android operating system. The version which got released after the android marshmallow. The Android N code name was announced on 9th of March 2016. With the Android Nougat, the new program of android was launched as Android Beta Program, which allows the developers and users to use the android beta version on certain devices.

1. What is Android Nougat?

Android Nougat is the version 7.0 of android and published under new set of API specification of android API 24. The initial release version of the android version 7.0 or the Nougat was released on 22nd of August 2016.

There were three versions which got released after the initial release of the android and there were two API versions which introduced for the Android Nougat version. Due to the preview releases, the version of the android Nougat does have less bugs compared with the other android version which got released previously.

Android VersionAndroid APICode NameReleased Date
7.0API 24
Android Nougat
22nd August 2016
API 25
4th October 2016
7.1.15th December 2016
7.1.24th April 2017

2. Features of Android Nougat

The android version 7.0 or the android nougat does carry performance improvements and revamped user interface advancements from the operating system level. With the security updates and latest kernel updates of Linux and supporting multiple cameras with better processing speeds and chipsets, Android Nougat was popular by the time.

2.1 Features of Android Nougat version 7.0

Android version 7.0, the initial release version of android was released on 22nd of August 2016 as the API version 24 of Android.
  • Capability to support Unicode 9.0 emoji.
  • Capability to support skin tone modifier in the emojis.
  • Capability to calibrate the display color of the device.
  • Capability to zoom the screen.
  • Capability to switch between the previous app by double tapping the overview button or the recent app button.
  • Capability to clear all the running apps by a newly added button the recent app menu or the app overview menu.
  • Capability to use the newly added system partition which updates the device while not using it.
  • Capability to access the DayDream VR or the virtual reality platform.
  • Capability to access the Doze functionality which can provide the user to have more battery life.
  • Capability to access the improved file browser functionality in the device.
  • Capability to access more quick settings options.
  • Capability to support multi window.
  • Capability to experience floating apps on desktop or the home layout.
  • Capability to use data saver mode which allows the users to save data by using the functionality and force the apps to use low bandwidth.
  • Capability to access JIT also known as Just In Time compiler which allows the app installation 75 faster into the device and 50 percent reduction to the complied code's size.
  • Capability to use ART for code profiling when compiling the code with JIT or the Just In Time compiler.
  • Capability to support picture in picture capability to the Android TV.
  • Capability to access the redesigned notification shade when scrolling down the quick menu from the top of the screen which allows instant access to set of settings.
  • Capability to experience the redesigned overview screen.
  • Capability to access the notification sheets instead of the notification cards.
  • Capability to access the settings app navigation drawer.
  • Capability to access Vulkan 3D rendering API.
  • Capability to support multiple device locales.

2.2 Features of Android Nougat version 7.1

The version 7.1 of android Nougat was released on 4th of October 2016. The developer preview version of the operating system was available for Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P and the Pixel C. The version 7.1 was based on a new API layer which was API 25.
  • Capability to access the rearranged notification shade when swiping from the top of the screen.
  • Capability to experience touch panel or the digitizer performance improvements.
  • Capability to use fingerprint swipe down as a gesture to opt in.
  • Capability to opt in by using DayDream VR mode.
  • Capability to access shortcut manager APIs.
  • Capability to support circular app icons.
  • Capability to support image insertion into the keyboard.
  • Capability to use the manual storage manager intent for apps.
  • Capability to VR or virtual reality thread scheduling.
  • Capability access enhanced wallpaper metadata.
  • Capability to access multi endpoint call support.
  • Capability to support multiple MNO requirements.
  • Capability to support PCDMA voice privacy property.
  • Capability to support source type support for visual voicemail.
  • Capability to support carrier config options for managing video telephony.
  • Capability to use manual storage manager to identify files and apps using storage.

2.3 Features of Android Nougat version 7.1.1

The version 7.1.1 of the android nougat was released on 5th of December 2016 with bug fixing and enhancements.
  • Capability to access new set of emojis with different skin colors and haircuts to the existing emoji list.
  • Capability to send GIFs by directly using the default keyboard.
  • Capability to access launch actions on apps by long pressing the app icon.
  • Removal of access to the CPU usage feature.

2.4 Features of Android Nougat version 7.1.2

The version 7.1.2 was released on 4th of April 2017 after the version 7.1.1 update of the android nougat under the same API spec which was API 25.
  • Capability to view the battery usage alerts.