What is WAN? - Explained

What is WAN? - Explained

WAN is the highest type of network type that uses in the world. WAN is distributed over a large area compared to any other network type.

What is WAN?

WAN stands to Wide Area Network. The name says it all, a widely spread network type in a country or a in a continent. There's a similarities in a MAN and WAN but the distribution area of the MAN is lower and only scoped to metropolitan areas.

Wide area network is multiple networks that connected to a one core network infrastructure. There could be hundreds and thousands of smart phones, laptops, server computers, desktop computers, IoT Devices that can be connected to a wide area network.

The internet is also made up with several hundreds and thousands of wide area networks. Wide Area Networks communicate with other wide area networks and transmitting data from one to another.

Typically the wide area networks are connected by using the fiber optic cables. To assure the high speed and minimal latency in the broadcasting or transmitting data the infrastructure is extremely required to be highly redundant.