What is SDR RAM? - Explained


Image of a Kingston SDR RAM.

In the generations of computers, hardware components were getting advanced to achieve record breaking speeds of processing by the computers. A separate component named Random Access Memory came into the stage in fourth generation computers. The SDR type of the RAM, which was able to plug into the main board or the motherboard introduced to the world in 1993.

What is SDR RAM?

The term SDR makes the SDR RAM to differ from other types of RAMs which are available in the market to purchase. SDR stands for Single Data Rate. Which means the SDR RAM is capable only of accept one command and transfer one word of data in a one clock cycle. The clocks had popular two types of frequencies which were 100 MHz and 133 MHz. But there were clock frequencies up to 200MHz which manufactured by multiple types of manufactures around the world. Chips had bus sizes of 4, 8 and 16 bits which were manufactured.

SDR RAMs had an uniquely identifying capability which was two three notches in the connection copper plates where it gets connected to the mother board or the main board.