What is RAM (Random Access Memory) ? - Explained

random access memory

RAM is mostly common heard term in the computer industry and the term is known by almost all the people in the world who uses a computer or who studies about computers in different bachelors programs or high school or collages.

What is RAM?

RAM also known as Random Access Memory is a component of a computer system. RAM or the Random Access Memory is playing a major task in the computational process of a device. RAM is a type of a storage component, but it's actually storing data only for few seconds or mile seconds.

From the start of computer generations, the computers had RAM or random access memory. Unlike today's RAM the early stage RAM was embedded into the main circuit board and non-removable at any circumstances.

With the evolution of computer generations, the computers needed required to store the data which needed to process by the processor or the CPU. There were multiple types of memory or storage components developed inside the CPU but the cost is extremely higher to implant the memory inside the processor. To use the typical storage devices to store the memory which needs to access speedily didn't did the job well.

That's where the Random Access Memory came into live. RAM was introduced as a separate component which stores the data which needs to be processed by the CPU or the processor. RAM is placed closer to the processor or the CPU and the RAM is faster than the typical storage devices which had magnetic disks to store data.

Types of RAM

There are multiple types of RAM or random access memory which has been introduced to the world in different stages of the computers generations and technological advancements.

Solely the RAM contributes a large amount of speed in the computation process because the RAM stores the data which is necessary to used in the computation process by the CPU or the processor.

The RAMs are available in different sizes and types to cater the requirement of hardware and to fit into smart phones, laptops, desktops, tablet PCs and IoT devices.

RAM StandardReleased Year

There were significant amount of advancements happened in each version of RAM standards and the consumers adopted the latest version of RAM to gain higher speed in the computer.