What is PAN? - Explained

Personal Area Networks

There are multiple network types which exists in the networking. Each network type is capable of performing a task which is specifically designed to the network. 

What is PAN

PAN stands for personal area network. Which means the networks used to create personal network which limited to a personal space. 

PAN or personal area networks used in multiple applications. The most commonly usage of PAN is sending a file via Bluetooth from one device to another, connecting Bluetooth or wireless headset to the phone or the device. 

PAN or the personal area networks designed to operate in very short ranges compared with LAN or WAN. Because of the low range of the network the energy usage and the transmission distance is low in PAN or personal area networks.

In most cases the PAN or personal area networks are peer to peer connections. Unlike using Bluetooth, a PAN can be created by using network cable (RJ45) and connect the computer or the laptop via the Ethernet port and create a personal area network. In such scenarios the usage of Internet Protocol or the IPs needs to use to address the devices. 

In the early staged computers used Personal Area Networks than today because of the limitation with the data circulation and connectivity to the internet and etc...