What is MAN? - Explained

What is MAN? - Explained

MAN is a popular network type in the industrial level. The concept of MAN is used by many technological companies to provide solutions which are solid and secured with the demand.

What is MAN?

MAN stands for Metropolitan Area Network or a network which is limited to a certain metropolitan area.

Metropolitan area is a Business office area which does have large number offices in a city or in a pericular area. 

Internet service providers usually strengths the metropolitan area with high speed and larger infrastructures because the return on investment is higher in such areas. 

Metropolitan area network can be created by using wired and wireless network mediums. If there's an organization or a larger enterprise who is interested on connecting multiple offices of the same organization, the most common method is creating a metropolitan area network which covering the multiple offices. 

In a scale, MAN are much similar to LAN but the distribution of the network is much higher compared with the local area network. To setting up a metropolitan area network, the enterprises who wants the connectivity in between multiple office spaces does not like to maintain the connectivity and bare the infrastructure setup fee. Instead the large enterprises lease or rent the connectivity from the local internet service providers or technology vendors to get the solution. By using so, the time to market is quicker and easy compared with setting up the entire system from the scratch.