What is Linux? - Explained

Every hardware requires to have a Operating System that controls and coordinate with the hardware and software and user. There are operating systems which are propitiatory and as well as open source and free to use.

What is Linux?

Linux is a open source and free to use operating system based on Linux kernel. Linux is a Unix like operating system and it does carry most of the features that has in Linux operating system. Linux's core kernel is written and developed by Linux Torvalds.

Linux's primary objective was to cater the personal computers and act as a free to use operating system for the computer hardware which was based in Intel x86 architecture. But with the time, the Linux Kernel were used in servers and then in smart phones, TVs, tablet PCs and almost everywhere.

Multiple communities started building distributions of the Linux and got massively popular with the UI added into OS itself. Arch Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, Raspbian, CentOS are few distributions of Linux.

Due to the low requirement of hardware resources, Linux kernel based operating systems started getting popular. The security level in the Linux based operating systems were higher than any which were available in the market even to purchase. Due to the security features in the operating system, there were multiple enterprises started building solutions on top of Linux kernel where they require highest possible security.

Starting from the simple smart phone and the television which is at the living room and to banking solutions and airline management platforms are running on top of Linux kernel based operating systems.