What is LAN? - Explained

What is LAN? - Explained

LAN is another type of network type which exists in the world and used in many common applications.

What is LAN

LAN stands for local area network. A local area network is a type of network which spreaded in a local environment such as a house, school or in a office space. 

Defining of local area network is done by analyzing the distribution of the network in a localized environment.

In a local area network there could be more than two devices connected to the network. Unlike the peer to peer type connections in the personal area networks or PAN type networks, data can be sent and transmitted to wide multiple devices at the same time with minimal latency and speeder. 

Setting up a local area network is easy and the cost is at the lowest possible point. The most commonly used methods to setup a local area network is by using wired or wireless medium. Ethernet is the most common and popular mechanism to create a local area network and WiFi is commonly used to create a wireless local area network.

There are two types of local area networks by their behavior. One type of local area network is broadcasting the message to all the connected devices in the network. The other type of the local area network is sending the message to a unique address or to a IP address which is in the network.

There are three types of popular devices which used to setting up a local area network in wired mechanism. Hubs, switches and routers are the three types of popular devices which used to setting up local area network. Depending on the devices that the user required to connect to the network, the cost can be calculated.

Setting up a wireless local area network is easy and can be done by using the smart phone which does allow the user to create a WiFi hotspot. Each connected devices will receive an unique IP address and there could be a limitation of the devices which can be connected to device.