What is a Government? - Explained

What is a Government? - Explained

In the ancient times, there were kings who ruled countries and continents. Various ways used by kings to capture and rule countries and make empires. King makes the decisions and rules in the country by on his solely. Whether you like it or not you will have to live with the kings rules if you are living in the country.

What is a Government? 

With the time people understood that the rules made by solely one person could not drive a country to better height. 

Each and every citizen in a country got the power to choose the person who they wants to rule the country but with limited decision making powers about the country and the citizens of the country.

The secondary decision makers were chooses by the citizens who do have the voting power to work and confirm decisions made by the president of the country. This entire process does have a term named politics.

In USA, there is a president who is being elected by the votes of the citizens of USA. The secondary members in USA are known as senators and also getting elected by the voting mechanism in the country. The entire portfolio is known as a government of a country.

Government is taking decisions with regards to the country's taxes, the budget and allocation of government funds and almost everything in a country is decided by the government. A government of a country is solely responsible for the good things and the bad things that happens to the country and the country's economy.