What is Fifth Generation Computers? - Explained

What is Fifth Generation Computers? - Explained

Fifth generations were the futuristic computers that people imagined of to have and use in their daily life. People though that the fifth generation computers will be able to do what they ask them to do by voice rather typing a set of commands by waiting in-front of the computer's display.

Barriers to Fifth Generation Computers?

Truly the fifth generation computers were imagined to be like that. But the micro processors which invented in the past haven't got changed till today to a new hardware component which is better than a micro processor made by a silicon chips and semi conductors.

Due to the facts and theories in Physics, the transistor cannot be make smaller than 5nano-meter in size. Trying to making it smaller will cause the transistor to not to function as it is and the transistor will not work as a gate.

Concept of Fifth Generation Computers?

Fifth generation computers are a generation which should be capable enough to fit in smaller and which does have high processing power. The higher processing power and the smaller in size processing chips could enable the capability of processing data in a compact environment and with limited resources and generate an output where the users can get the output without depending on a separate processing hardware and connectivity to the hardware which could be far away.

Converting the analog voice commands to digital, visual computing, computer vision, neural networks could empower the world in much different aspects that even we cannot imagine. But the processing power and the hardware is the key subject to achieve and make the resources and hardware more accessible for general public world wide.

By making the resources more accessible to general public, there could be lot of people in the world that can do research with the lowest possible cost and faster than ever before. Fifth generation computers is all about the breaking the comfort zone of the computing age and take it beyond.

Why we are not there in Fifth Generation Computers?

There are many devices which are there in the world which does have the capabilities to operate with the voice command. But almost all the devices which are there available in the market needs a secondary processing machine like a server to process the data which inputs by the user who uses the device. Truly the device that user can access will be a input and output device, and it requires another separate processing hardware to compute the required.

Google Home, Apple HomePod, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Assistance are key example for devices which require remote processing and high speed data connectivity from hardware which are in much far places. The cost and the latency of the data processing and which could occur in the transport layer, is not really about the fifth generation computer.

Truth is we are evolving the computer generation and the industry specialists are taking research and developing products to find the true limit breaking of the computing eco-system.