What is Embedded SIM (Subscriber Identity Module)? - Explained

Embedded SIM

The latest evolution of Subscriber Identity Module or commonly heard as SIM is embedded SIM. Embedded SIM is known as eSIM. The devices which requires the SIM card for connectivity like smart phones, smart watches and other peripherals got smaller with much value added features such as water proofing. The regular SIM card inserting port requires the user to insert the SIM card manually by the user.

Embedded SIM or Embedded subscriber identity module, is embedded into the device which does not require the user to remove the SIM card and simply does not require any physical access to the SIM card tray or the SIM card bay.

By using the Embedded SIM, users do have the capability to provision numbers by the service providers remotely and faster. Embedded SIMs does have universal integrated circuit card also known as eUICC which embedded with a chip in SON-8 package.