What is Bad Products or Services? - Explained

What is Bad product or services

There could be businesses which are oriented on products or oriented on services. To generate a profit the businesses needs to sell their products or services to a third party. The sales medium could be Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Government (B2G) in different applications.

1. What is a Bad Product?

A bad product can be originated by a product oriented business. The product that the particular business manufactures could be a good product or a bad product. For a product to be a bad product, there could be many reasons and scenarios which can be applicable.

1.1 Consumers are not happy with the Product

Consumers are the best type of users who interacts with the product manufactured by a certain companies. Consumers use the product in different types of applications and multiple types of scenarios. If the consumer bought the product and when the product doesn't work accordingly the way the consumers needs, the consumer definitely won't be happy with the product which has been manufactured by the manufacturer. 

If there are large number of consumers who are not happy about the product, that means the product isn't good. 

1.2 Defects in the product

Defects in a product is one of the reasons why the consumers are not happy with. There could be defects in the manufacturing process and the defects which didn't noticed at the quality control stage will receive directly to the consumer. When the consumer is received a defect product from the manufacturer, customer's expectation about the product gets decreasing and will not happy about the product that he or she bought by spending some amount of cash. 

1.3 Product Quality and Durability

A bad product could also have durability and quality issues. When the manufacturer doesn't do quality inspections and research about the product and test on durability, the product might not be durable. A product needs to be tested and try to find the failure points of the product and the manufacturer needs to address the issues of the product to ensure the durability of the product. 

When the product isn't durable and not in the right quality there is a more chance that the product could have durability and quality problems. 

2. What is a Bad Service?

Bad services are originated from the service oriented business and product oriented services. There are wide range of scenarios where a service oriented business and a product oriented business could deliver bad service. 

Delivering of bad services can be in two ways as delivering bad service to consumers and delivering bad service to stakeholders. 

2.1 Bad service delivering from Product Oriented Businesses

There are several stages where a product oriented business engage with the consumer before sales and after sales. The engagement of the consumer with a product oriented business require customer service which is a type of a service. 

Not all the product oriented business cater customer service 100 percent and there are many product oriented businesses who treat the customers bad in which ever state of the customer engagement. It could neglecting the customer or not paying the amount of attention that customer requires before sales of a product manufactured by the product oriented business or it could be a scenario where the product oriented business doesn't provide the agreed service with in the warranty period or how to use the product. 

If the consumer encounter with an pre-sales bad service, he or she might not purchase or think twice of purchasing something from the manufacturer because the service delivering and the attention to customer is low. 

If the customer encounter a bad service at the post sales moment, the consumer will not recommend the product to anybody and will not purchase any product from the pericular manufacturer. 

2.2 Bad service delivering from Service Oriented Businesses

Service Oriented businesses do have the highest possible risk factor of delivering bad service to the consumers. Unlike product oriented businesses, Service Oriented businesses engage with the consumers at all times from the pre-sales and delivering the service to the consumer.

making sure that the consumer has met the expectation which promised at the beginning and the quality of the service is highly required to the Service Oriented Business. Just same as product oriented businesses, the consumers won't pay the money value to purchase the service from the service oriented businesses because in most cases, the service oriented businesses needs to build the trust with the consumer.

If a doctor in a private hospital where ever in the world treats a patient badly and not paying enough attention means that patient which is the consumer of the hospital, will not come to the hospital for and won't recommend any person to visit the hospital. 

If a spa in Hawaii don't have well experienced therapists, the consumers won't receive a good massage that they are expecting and already paid for the service. Because of the un-experienced staff members in the business, the service oriented businesses won't be able to deliver the expected service to the consumer and the consumer won't be happy with the service that provided by the business.