What is Android Petit Four? - The version 1.1 of Android

Android Petit Four - Version 1.1

Android Petit Four is the version after the released to the initial version of Android which was marked as v1.0. The code name Petit Four isn't popular as much as because it used mostly in the internal. 

1. What is Android Petit Four?

Android Petit Four was released on 2009 February 9th by Android. It consists of bug fixes and enhancements to the initial android version 1.0 which released on 2008 September 23rd.

The update of Android v1.1 or the Petit Four was only available to HTC Dream smart phone only which had the operating system android v1.0 which was the initial Android release. However the version 1.1 was considered as the API 2 of Android version releases. 

2. Features of Android Petit Four

Due to the reason of distrusting Petit Four as an update to the initial release, there were bug fixes and enhancements. 
  • Availability of details and reviews in Google Maps when a user is searching for a place in Google Maps
  • Possibility to make longer phone calls when the user is on speaker without system timeouts in the Android Operating system were implemented in the Petit Four Operating System.
  • Capability to save attachments in the message which received to the smart phone.