What is Android Froyo? - The version 2.2 of Android

Android Froyo, the version 2.2 of Android and the release version which released after the Android Eclair 2.1 release by Android. Initial version Android Froyo was released in 20th of May 2010 by Android.

1. What is Android Froyo?

Froyo is a term which made up by shortening two words, Frozen Yogurt. Android Froyo is the second code name of Android Froyo is the android version 2.2 which is based on Linux kernel 2.6.32. The initial version of Froyo which was the version 2.2 got released on 20th of May 2010.

After the initial release of the Android Froyo or version 2.2 of android, there were another three releases published by the Android under the same code name with different version codes. Android 2.2.1 was released after the initial release of Android Froyo in 18th of January 2011. Version 2.2.2 of android was released as another release update to Android Froyo in 22nd of January 2011.

The Final update of the Android Froyo was released as the version 2.2.3 on 21st of November 2011. 

Android VersionAndroid APINameReleased Date
Android Froyo
20th May 2010
2.2.118th January 2011
2.2.222nd January 2011
2.2.321st November 2011

2. Features of Android Froyo?

Android Froyo or the version 2.2 of Android do consist of four releases which runs up to version 2.2.3. Android does recognize the version 2.2 Froyo under API 8 due to non changes made into the APIs of android.

2.1 Features of Android Froyo 2.2

The Android Froyo 2.2 was the base release which was to address the core changes in the Linux kernel and other aspects in the release version.

  • Optimizations in the Speed, CPU utilization, Memory utilization enhancements, and performance enhancements were done in the Froyo 2.2 release by Android.
  • Improvements to the applications and performance of the applications by JIT compilation.
  • Integration of V8 java script engine which was there in the Chrome into the Web Browser embedded into the Android Operating System.
  • Capability of supporting Android Cloud to Device Messaging also known as C2DM service and enabling push notifications into the Android Operating System.
  • Enhancements made into the Microsoft Exchange support, which includes security policy applicability, auto discovery GAL look up. 
  • Capability to support calendar synchronization and remote wipe by using the Microsoft Exchange.
  • Improvements and enhancements made into the Android stock or default launcher to allow users to browse applications and destinations and folders by using shortcuts.
  • Capability to create and access WiFi hotspot by using USB threading.
  • Capability to choose and turn on or turn off cellular data or network data usage.
  • Updated and enhanced Android Market (Play Store) which allows to update automatically or update by batches.
  • Capability to switch between multiple virtual keyboard by different languages or different publishers.
  • Capability to connect and sync with the car docks and allow the users to operate the phone by using the steering controls and touch display in the dash board.
  • Capability to upload files by using the web browser and the file upload fields in the web pages.
  • Allowing the browsers to show and display the animated GIF instead of the first frame which shown earlier.
  • Capability of supporting expandable memory and memory cards to install apps in the memory cards instead the phone memory location which was in high demand back in the time.
  • Capability to support high pixel density displays up to approximately 320 ppi displays such as 720p screens.
  • Capability of viewing the and changing the thumbnail size of the image by zooming by using multi touch feature.

2.2 Features of Android Froyo 2.2.1

After the initial release of the Android Froyo 2.2, a release was released by the Android under the version 2.2.1 in 18th January 2011 to ensure the smoother user experience with Android Operating System.

  • Security Updates into the Android Froyo 2.2 release.
  • Performance improvements into the Froyo 2.2.

2.3 Features of Android Froyo 2.2.2

The third release version of Froyo after the release version of 2.2.1 was released under the version 2.2.2 to enhance further security measures and to ensure smoother experience in the android operating system on 22nd January 2011.

  • Minor Bug fixes in the Android Froyo.
  • Fix of SMS routing issue which affected the Nexus One Smart Phone.

2.4 Features of Android Froyo 2.2.3

The fourth and the last update of the android Froyo was released after the 2.2.2 with two major security enhancements into the android operating system on 21st November 2011.

  • Two security updates to ensure highest possible security of the user data and privacy.