What is Android? - Explained

What is Android? - Explained

Symbian OS from Nokia was the killer in the market. And almost each and every mobile phone manufacture had their own type of  operating system inbuilt and built in house. Capacitive displays were entering into the market but the Symbian OS wasn't that good and speed enough.

What is Android?

Android is an operating system which is developed for mobile devices where the users needs high interaction with the mobile device basically to interact by using the digitizer or a touch panel instead of buttons.

After the launch of Apple's iPhone, many companies wanted to chase the business that was about to destroy by apple. Unfortunately android was founded in 2003 by four co-founders in California USA.

Unlike the mobile phone manufacturing, android was focusing developing operating system to interact with the hardware.

After the success releases for all years, in 2005 July Google or the Alphabet Inc acquired android for 50 Million USD with the co-founders of the organization to drive the project further.

Versions of Android

From the start of the Android's journey, android kept promising performance and great user experience unlike Symbian OS. Because the android OS embedded products are cheaper than Apple products, people started using android in wide range of applications.

Going beyond from the smart phone industry, the android stepped into android TV which can be plugged into a HDMI port and use as a computer. Afterward the digital wearable started to create huge trends in the digital industry, so android developed android wear OS to cater that particular market segmentation.

Android VersionNameReleased Date
1.0Initial Release23rd September 2008
1.1Petit Four9th February 2009
1.5Cupcake27th April 2009
1.6Donut15th September 2009
2.0 26th October 2009
2.0.13rd December 2009
2.112th January 2010
2.2 20th May 2010
2.2.118th January 2011
2.2.222nd January 2011
2.2.321st November 2011
2.3 6th December 2010
2.3.39th February 2011
2.3.428th April 2011
2.3.525th July 2011
2.3.62nd September 2011
2.3.721st September 2011
3.0 22nd February 2011
3.110th May 2011
3.215th July 2011
3.2.120th September 2011
3.2.230th August 2011
3.2.330th August 2011
3.2.4December 2011
3.2.5January 2012
3.2.6February 2012
4.0 18th October 2011
4.0.121st October 2011
4.0.228th November 2011
4.0.316th December 2011
4.0.429th March 2012
4.1 9th July 2012
4.1.111th July 2012
4.1.29th October 2012
4.213th November 2012
4.2.127th November 2012
4.2.211th February 2013
4.324th July 2013
4.3.13rd October 2013
4.4 31st October 2013
4.4.15th December 2013
4.4.29th December 2013
4.4.32nd June 2014
4.4.419th June 2014
4.4W 25th June 2014
4.4W.16th September 2014
4.4W.221st October 2014
5.0 12th November 2014
5.0.12nd December 2014
5.0.219th December 2014
5.19th March 2015
5.1.121st April 2015
6.0 5th October 2015
6.0.17th December 2015
7.0 22nd August 2016
7.14th October 2016
7.1.15th December 2016
7.1.24th April 2017
8.0 21st August 2017
8.15th December 2017
9.0Pie6th August 2018

Android is the most popular and hugely used operating system in the world which is used in smart phones, TVs, tablets and wearable. The number of devices which uses android operating systems getting high amount of sales and getting increased day by day with the new technologies.