What is Android Eclair? - The version 2.0 of Android

Android Eclair - Version 2.0 of Android

Android Eclair, the version 2.0 of Android and the third official code name of the Android Operating System which released after the acquisition of Android Inc by Google or Alphabet Inc.

1. What is Android Eclair?

Android Eclair, the version 2.0 of Android and the version of Android which got released after the Android Donut or the version 1.6 of Android. Android Eclair is consist of 3 releases. The initial release of Android Eclair was released on 26th October 2009 with the same Linux kernel 2.6.29 which was used in Android Donut or the version 1.6 of Android. The first release of Android Eclair is known as 5th API or the API 5 by Android.

The Android 2.0.1 which was the second release version of Android Eclair was released in 3rd of December 2009. The version 2.0.1 of Android Eclair is recognized by the Android by 6th API or the API 6 of Android.

Android makes the third release of Android Eclair on 12th of January 2010 and mark it as the version 2.1 of Android Eclair. Android recognize the Android 2.1 Eclair as the 7th API or the API 7 of Android.

Android VersionAndroid APINameReleased Date
2.0API 5
Android Eclair
26th October 2009
2.0.1API 63rd December 2009
2.1API 712th January 2010

2. Features of Android Eclair?

Three version releases of the Android does have different value addition into the core Android Eclair and does consist of multiple features and bug fixes in the version releases.

2.1 Features of Android Eclair 2.0

Initial release of Android Eclair 2.0 consist of features which were implemented for the very first time inside the Android Operating System where it makes easy for users to use the device more faster and efficiently.

  • Capability of Syncing the Google Account to synchronize email and contacts where it enables multiple users to connect Accounts to the smart phone or the android phone.
  • Capability to connect and sync with Microsoft Exchange as a separate account.
  • Supporting Bluetooth 2.1 hardware.
  • Capability to tap on the contacts photo and choose to call, email and SMS the contact.
  • Capability to search all saved SMS and MMS messages.
  • Capability to delete SMS and MMS conversations automatically when reaching a defined length or oldest period.
  • Capability and accessibility to use flasher, digital zoom, scene mode, white balance, color effect and macro focus by the camera.
  • Enhancements into the virtual keyboard, auto correct dictionary which suggest words by analyzing the previously typed words were implemented into the Android Eclair version 2.0 or the API version 5 to speed up the typing speed by the virtual keyboard.
  • Revamped web browser to HTML 5, user interface with bookmark thumbnails and double tap zoom.
  • Enhanced calendar agenda view which showcase the invitees, attendance status and capability to invite the new guests and create new events in the calendar.
  • Optimizations into the hardware utilization and battery utilization with redone user interface.
  • Capability to support wide range of screen sizes and resolutions which works well with screen rotation and with better contrast ratio.
  • Capability to access Google Maps 3.1.2 which was the latest version at the time.
  • Enhanced digitizer/ touch panel MotionEvent class to track and enable multi touch events which allows the third party apps to use and offer the user to interact and write by the finger.
  • Capability to set live wallpapers which does have animated motions in the home screen back of the icons and widgets. 

2.2 Features of Android Eclair 2.0.1

Android Eclair version 2.0.1 is the second release of the Android Eclair and it recognized by the Android as 6th API or the API 6 version of Android. The version 2.0.1 was released by Android on 3rd December 2009.

  • API changes to enhance performance and security.
  • Bug Fixes to Android Eclair 2.0 (API 5).
  • Framework behavior changes into the Android Eclair.

2.3 Features of Android Eclair 2.1

Android Eclair version 2.1 is the third and the last release version of the Android Eclair and it has been recognized by the Android as the 7th API or the API 7 version of Android. Version 2.1 is majorly initiated to perform on top of 2.0.1 version of Android.

  • Minor Amendments to API 6.
  • Bug Fixes into the Android Eclair Core.