What is Android Donut? - The version 1.6 of Android

Android Donut - Version 1.6 of Android

Android Donut, the version 1.6 of Android and the Android version which released by Android or Google or Alphabet Inc.

1. What is Android Donut?

Android Donut, the second official code name of Android and the Android version which released after Android Cupcake or the version 1.5. Android Donut was released to the public on 15th September of 2009 and it's built on top of the Linux kernel 2.6.29.

Simplified user interfaces compared with the previous versions of Android. The performance enhancements, security enhancements were grabbed from the latest Linux Kernel at the time into the smart phone. Android recognize Android Donut or the version 1.6 of Android as the 4th API or the API 4 of the Android releases.

2. Features of Android Donut?

Android Donut bundled with features which can support to the boost and the wide range usage of Android as an operating system.

  • Capability to voice and text entry search enhanced to include bookmark history, contacts and web browser.
  • Capability to developers to include the content created by the developers to include in the search results.
  • Multi lingual voice inputs to any applications inside the Android Donut.
  • Capability to search easy in Android Market (Play Store) and availability of previews/ screenshots of the apps in the Android Market (Play Store).
  • Integration of Gallery, Camera, Video Recorder inside the Camera Application.
  • Capability to select multiple photos and capability to delete selected multiple photos at once.
  • Updates into network capability of CDMA, EVDO, 802.1x, VPNs.
  • Update to the text to speech engine.
  • Capability to support WVGA screen resolutions.
  • Speed enhancements in the camera application inside the Android Donut to take photos faster.
  • Enhanced and expanded gesture framework with multi touch.