What is Android Cupcake? - The version 1.5 of Android

Android Cupcake - Version 1.5 of Android

Android Cupcake, the version 1.5 of android which released after the android version 1.1 or the Android Petit Four. Cupcake was released on  2009, 27th of April.

1. What is Android Cupcake?

Android Cupcake the version 1.5 of Android which is built after the android version 1.1 or the Android Petit Four. Cupcake is the official very first android code name that Android or the Google or Alphabet Inc published.

Android Cupcake is built on top of the Linux kernel 2.6.27. Cupcake itself consist of lot of user interface and user experience enhancements compared with the the previous versions of android. Android Cupcake is marked as the 3rd API of Android or the API 3 of Android.

2. Features of Android Cupcake?

With the enhancements and the user interface and graphical modifications to the interface with bit enhanced performance Cupcake carrying cool features as mentioned below.

  • Capability of using third party keyboard with word matching, prediction, dictionary.
  • Capability to use widgets which are a limited feature application on home screen of the smart phone.
  • Video recording and playback in MPEG-4 and 3GP formats by using the media player.
  • Capability to auto paring with the Bluetooth stereo with A2DP and AVRCP profiles.
  • Capability to copy a text inside the browser and pasting the text.
  • Capability to chose pictures to show in contacts and capability to synchronize.
  • Capability to view the date and time stamp of the calls in a log which can be accessed by using the contact and the call log event.
  • Animations in transitions of the screens.
  • Automatic rotation of the display and calipering the content in the screen accordingly.
  • Booting animation to showcase the brand and the Android logo.
  • Capability to upload videos to YouTube by using the Android phone.
  • Capability to upload photos to Picasa by using the Android phone.