What are the components of a Computer? - Explained

Components of a computer

Image by Mirko Tobias Schafer in Flickr under Creative Commons Category

A computer, which we call as a computer isn't really a computer without many components and the hardware devices inside the casing of the computer.

By getting enhanced with multiple generations and the core components of the computer got advanced by various ways.

There are Five major components in a computer system and they are catering critical tasks to keep the computer system functioning. Processing components, input components and output components. 

1. Input Components

Input components of the computer doing the one of the most important tasks in a computer. Input components take all the inputs by the users that they want to process by using the computer. Below mentioned are few of the input devices that we use daily.
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • Iris Scanner
  • Joystick
  • Digitizer or Touch Display
  • Track Pad
  • Touch Pad
  • Drawing Pad
  • Scanner
  • Bar Code Reader
Each and every type of input devices which are mentioned above performing a task which is different from each other input devices. Different types of the input devices do have different user experience and most importantly, input devices makes the user experience more smoother.

2. Processing Components

The processing components in the computer does the processing part of the computer and it helps the computer to process the logical equations that user needs to be solved.
  • CPU or Processor
  • Micro Controller
  • GPU
There are two types of processing components in a computer system. One type of the processing components are catering the direct logical calculations of the core computer system. The other type of processing components are taking care of the graphical calculations which needs to be displayed in the display or needs to compute faster.

3. Output Components

Output components or the output devices in a computer system helps the core processing components of the computer to generate outputs of a task or a process.
  • Digital Display
  • Speaker
  • Printer
Output devices are used to achieve various tasks in a computer system. In many cases, the output components helps to visualize the entire process which has been executed in a computer system.

4. Storage Components

Storage components or the storage devices are used in almost all the computers which are used in the enterprise level and as well as in the personal computers. Storage devices are built to keep records and store data in a way that can be read by the computer and operating system of the computer.
  • HDD
  • SSD
  • Optical Drive
  • Flash Drive
  • Portable Storage
  • RAM

5. Network Components

Computer systems that we used daily in our life doesn't mean that they are really a computer without the connectivity to the outside world.
There's a significant different of a computer that is standalone or not connected and a computer which is connected to a network or to internet. Connectivity to the computers can be offered at multiple stages and multiple scenarios. Depending on the scenario there are multiple cases what type of network connectivity requires to the computer system.