What is Wireless Charging or Inductive Charging? - Explained

What is Wireless Charging or Inductive Charging? - Explained

Samsung Wireless Charging Pod. Image by Digital Trends

What is Wireless Charging?

Usually the electronic device what we use daily needs to be charged by electrical current when the battery which is in the device gets discharges. There are two ways charge up a battery. One is the typical wired charging and the other method is wireless charging also known as inductive charging.

Inductive or the wireless charging is used in wide range of electrical appliances, vehicles and smart devices.


There are two components which is mandatory for the wireless charging or the inductive charging. There needs to be a charging station and a charging receiver.

How wireless charging or the inductive charging works is, the charging station emit an electromagnetic field which embedded with energy to the receiver through electromagnetic induction technology.

Extremely similar to the technology which uses in WiFi, Bluetooth or LTE and etc.. But the electromagnetic fields which are transmitted for the inductive charging carrying high amount of energy for a limited distance from the charging station.

Wired Charging vs Wireless Charging

Charging a smart phone, electric car, laptop or camera battery via wired charging station is extremely familiar for us as humans. 

Wireless charging does have a huge energy loss when broadcasting energy to the air unlike to wires.

Because of that reason there are many devices which takes much time to get charged up by using wireless charging compared with wired charging.

Wireless charging is easy to use because it can picked and go from the charging station which is on your desk or in your car unlike the wired charging cables.