What is Wealth Management? - Explained

What is Wealth Management? - Explained

Most of the humans do have multiple income channels or even single income channel. Many human beings does hold assets which we received from a friend, family or by a business. The assets which does have a tangible valuation is considered as wealth of a particular person or multiple people.

1. What is Wealth Management?

The wealth or the tangible assets which does have a market value needs to be managed in a systematic manner to make use of it in the future or to sell in the future at a good market price. Wealth management could be in multiple ways to different types of wealth product. 

1.1 Manage Wealth in Cash

The most common type of wealth management is the money. Money is the famous wealth product which everybody does hold most of the time.

There are multiple ways where a person can manage wealth which is on cash. Cash can be invested on a Stock Exchange for a good company shares. Usually this is done by a professional financial analysts advice and there are multiple companies do the analytics and source the best companies to invest.

If you are DIY person, yes you can pick the companies which are good to invest. To make a financial analysis requires some amount of knowledge and experience. By studying about companies and following great tutorials and analysis pattern identifications will be helpful to identify the good companies to invest.

Apart from stock investing, the cash or money can be invested into a term deposit, and a business of your friend, on a insurance plan or a investment plan from a reputed financial institution and many ways.

Due to the liquidity of the cash or money, wealth management of cash or money will require close attention.

1.2 Manage Real Estate Wealth

The second most famous wealth type is the real estate. There are many people in the world who has received real estate products from their families and from the older generations. Just like Cash or money, real estate also getting depreciated with inflation and based on many other factors.

Real estate is depreciating over the climate, city or town's atmosphere and many factors. There are multiple ways where it's possible to manage real estate wealth. It's possible to rent or lease the real estate property to a good reputed organization in long term which will generate the monthly or termly income to the owner.

The real estate property can be turned into a new business with hotel or a new business where the owners interest is at. Managing real estate wealth requires more attention and dedication to repairs and maintenance though it's a good wealth and generating good revenue.

There are professional organizations in the world who manages real estate wealth for their owners. Most of the real estate owners in the world are living long distance from the property. And due to the long distance, the possibility of maintaining the property and finding people to occupies the property requires more effort. Because of the reason, the hard part of real estate wealth management can be forwarded into a professional organization where they charge a commission or a fee for the service that they provide.

2. Why Wealth Management?

If a person in United States of America with 1 million US dollars in hand with cash, in five years of time the 1 million US dollars might not worth the same 1 million dollars due to the inflation. The amount of stuffs which can be purchased by using 1 million dollars in five years down the line won't be the same as today.

There are many factors involved in wealth which includes political risk, economic risk, natural disaster risk and etc... If somebody holds a wealth, that amount of wealth needs to invest and managed in proper manner to gain more or avoid it getting depreciated.

Wealth management is a highly demanding profession and the service that true and professional wealth management firms provides to their customers are outstanding service. The professionals who are in the wealth management industry does have great experience, great database, great analytical tools to make the job get done in the perfect manner.