What is Third Generation Computer? - Explained

What is Third Generation Computer? - Explained
Third Generation Computer. Image by Internet.

Third generation computers got the influence to succeed by the second generation computer generation and the transistors.

Third generation computers were there in a period of 1965 to 1971. The quarter of a room sized second generation computers got the capability to be on top of a desk in third generation.


Third generation computers adopted a concept or a component named IC also known as integrated circuit. IC is consist of multiple transistors where it capable of make multiple logical processing in a single component rather than multiple physical transistors.

Unlike transistors, ICs or the integrated circuits had multiple terminals which were more than three. Without exposing to the outside environment the ICs had the capability to pass one logic gate’s output as another logic gate’s input because of the integrated circuitry.

Unlike the 1st generation and the second generation computers, third generation computers do have a display or a monitor to showcase what the computer is doing now. And to see the output of the processing task.

Users got the capability to make inputs to the computer by using a keyboard and see realtime of the input that they are entering the computer. Magnetic Tapes and magnetic drums used as the storage devices.

Third generation computers allowed the users to do remote processing, time-sharing and multi programming operating systems.High level programming languages like PASCAL and other programming languages were used in the third generation computers. Because of the cost effectiveness, there were many sales in the third generation computers but mostly for the businesses.